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Enduring Group’s mission is to create meaningful relationships and deliver extraordinary projects that transform neighbourhoods, communities and lifestyles.

The real estate industry is not just about property for us. It is about creating spaces for people to improve their quality of life.

We take our commitments seriously and always strive to do the right thing by sellers and investors alike, because trust is what we value the most.

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Financial Freedom

Entrepreneurship and passive income.


1.1% growth per annum. Projected population to double by 2055.

Living trends

Decline in average persons per household from 2.7 to 2.3.

Dear Home Owner,

We are currently looking to purchase development sites in this location and are keen to meet with you to gauge your interest in selling your property to us on terms which bring mutual benefits to you and our investors.

Enduring Group’s services range from development feasibility and building design through to construction and marketing. Our business name underpins our determination to deliver sound and lasting investments, securing sellers and investors a result you will always be pleased with.

We are always buying and selling land and can arrange a variety of flexible arrangements with you including long settlements and rent back.

In addition, selling your home directly to us will mean that you will not pay real estate agents’ fees and we can even negotiate paying all your selling costs. In many cases Enduring Group can offer above market value, depending on the potential of the site.

Enduring Group also offers full project management services for property development, so if you have ever considered developing your own land, we are very happy to discuss.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an assessment of your property’s value and a confidential discussion.


As 15 years of professional construction experience, we take our commitments seriously and always strive to do the right thing for our clients, because trust is what we value the most. Enduring Group is committed to developing the right project for our clients. We strive to deliver quality services and aim to exceed expectations in project delivery.

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