Residential Developments

Enduring Group strives to deliver quality services that exceed the expectations of its clients. At Enduring Group there is no excuse for not exceeding excellence in all facets of project delivery.

Joint Venture Developments

Has a residential construction site ever caught your eye, and left you wanting a part of it?

The development industry can be daunting to newcomers, and may often overwhelm those who are sitting on potential gold mines.

We use an open book approach with our clients, by providing them with the ability to make educated, calm and collected decisions about what the best outcome for their situation may be.

Are you a property owner? Do you own an allotment and would like Enduring Group to develop it on your behalf?

No frills.

Open book.

Free Property Review.

No out-of-pocket fees.

Enduring Group’s profit is an amount agreed between all parties involved and is subtracted from the profit margin at the settlement of completed dwellings. Project management for residential development can assume anywhere from 500-1000 hours of time, from kick off to completion. Enduring Group is willing to forgo these hours as a built-in safety net for their clients.


Project Management and Tendering

Are you currently seeking a competent building designer for your next construction?

Are you currently designing your home and require assistance with receiving competitive pricing from your builders?

Are you thinking of entering a building contract and you’re not sure where to start?

Are you getting the best mix of price and quality that you can?

Are you currently within the project execution phase and having issues with your builder or contractor and require mediation or assistance?

Whether the issue is silent or captured under the contract, there are many ways to reach an amicable resolution, where both parties are comfortable with the outcome.

Enduring Group is proficient with contract and bid management, offering assistance throughout all stages of the construction process.

Enduring Group has been involved in managing very sophisticated construction claims that have resulted in favorable outcomes for the represented parties on multiple occasions.

Investment Options

Are you interested in securing a development for yourself? Enduring Group will utilize its contacts to seek out a project that fits your profile requests.

Cash Cow

Do you have spare cash and want to make quick returns? Sick of losing money on the share market? Enduring Group is always open to discuss private loan agreements that include significant return margins and fixed durations, whether or not they’re linked to specific projects, while providing the lender with opportunities to invest and become part of our team. 

We Purchase Land

Are you wanting to sell your property?

Are you looking for a simple sale which saves on marketing and agent fees? Not to mention the effort in getting your house ready for opens and sales. It is commonly known throughout the industry the sale of a home valued at $500,000 averages $25,000 in expenses in the lead up and completion of sale.

Enduring Group is always seeking new allotments, and can offer flexible terms with fair and reasonable prices for properties that suit our current purchase profile.


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